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Thursday, 1 December 2011


Righty-O! Quick update tonight cuz the new 'Epicly Latered' is up on VBS.TV and im itching to catch it- MNC TECH episode!!!
We had a sick early arvo show last weekend at the Gaso with DARKHORSE from Sydney. Really ripping black crust, D-beat or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. Straight up good lads too!
This weekend's a biggie for us cuz we've got this shit poppin'
... cuz i'm fucking lazy, I'm just gonna cut and paste the official press release:
Captain Cleanoff need no introduction in the underground grind scene of the,brutal and rockin! Come to the bendigo hotel on Sat 3rd Dec to witness em for the last time in a while as they work on a new album. Joining em are Internal rot, hight speed thrashing 90's Cali style grind, members of Agents of Abhorrence and Roskopp, Super Fun Happy slide. Counter Attack, fast 80's style shred hardcore and new guys Headless death playing thrashy ol school death metal stink, with members of Roskopp, pathetic Human, Rort and more. Everyone's friends!

Come January, we're doing a mini tour of Sydney...our first as a band. I'm super excited about playing a show with The Hard-Ons. Dudes have been heroes ever since i got into this shit. Also we will have shirts real soon so hang tight. Design comes courtesy of Gustav from Sweden who has dropped some gnarly shit for bands like HAIL OF BULLETS and GODHUNTER. Check his site HERE: Dude has serious skills. Big shouts also to my homie Noe from L.A. who sent us a bunch of cool shit courtesy of the label he does, THRASHTASTIC. Check whats crackin at: As always, support True D.I.Y.!!!
See ya Saturday!!!!

Monday, 31 October 2011


I have to give it up for EPICS. Dudes were definitely on point last weekend. Playing on little sleep and half tanked plus putting up with with Dave DECLARATION's shit...sheeeez!
Powerful, discordant punk rock/hardcore in the truest sense of the word. Everyone who witnessed the show was blown away. I saw some dudes w/ cameras in attendance so if ya got some footy, hit me up!
Also copped a 12"ep plus the cd which hasn't left my car stereo- shit is of the hook!!! check them here
Psyched on this shit for a few reasons...
...First of all, OLD SKIN. Played with these dudes a couple of weeks back. Dudes are bat-shit, psycho power violence. Not the generic type trying to ape INFEST. Think ICE-NINE meets INSECT WARFARE and H100s. Fucking nice kids too-psyched as shit on these dudes.
You need to fucking check INFAMOUS BUTCHER. Fastcore in the vain of early RUPTURE and VOORHEES. On the mic is our old friend, The Geelong redneck, Neil. You would know him from 90's grind legends, UNDINISM and more recently, THE KILL. This is our first show with those dudes-cant fucking wait!
Also, rounding off the night will be LA HAINE who play a thrash/grindcore hybrid and features scene stalwart, Dave Poodle.
Like I said, its gonna be a cracker! Dont front on this shit...

                                                              INFAMOUS BUTCHER

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Sorry about the cheesy header... it's very 25 ta Life. Cant help but sing the praises after last weeks show w/ MANIAXE, DEBACLE, THE KILL and us. Every band, besides being gnarly in their own right, is uniquely different. Thrash kids, crust punks, skate rats and metal heads were all present and killing shit. Seriously fucking ruckus show- Cheers to all who came up. No fuckheads= No worries. Kill a mosh!!!
This is our next one w/ Sydney Punks, EPICS
  Sick art on this one from Jimmy from EPICS. Joining us are CLOWNS who are saving for their asia tour and also OLD SKIN. Serious fans of BLACK FLAG and FUGAZI need to take note...EPICS has it down pat!!! 
In other news, we have a gang of shows to finish off this splendid year- These will be posted in the next few weeks. Also, were touring in Jan. w/ some VERY special guest'
Stay tuned for news!!!  See ya Saturday!

Monday, 26 September 2011


Our next show is a burner...
...our violent, grindcore cohorts THE KILL bring their mayhemic destruction to the Bendigo. Those in the know are aware that 2 of the 3 guys from THE KILL played in my old band OPEN WOUND...joining us on the night will be D-beat thrashers, DEBACLE who are also old friends from waaaay back. Dudes have got a split w/ FILTHPACT (Scotland) dropping soon on BEERACHE RECS. Opening the proceedings will be the lads from MANIAXE!!! fucking so psyched about them. We've been trying to hook shit up with those dudes for a minute so it's gonna be gnar!!!
Tell your crew! Tell your fucking nanna!!! If she's still in doubt, tell her to check this:

Sunday, 11 September 2011


So, I ran into an old friend yesterday. Amongst the idle chatter and shit talk, he informs me that we are playing the 'mini' version of BASTARDFEST. I inform him that he's a deluded fuck head and that by no stretch of the imagination would i have said yes to playing a 'mini' anything.
                          ...He pulls out his iphone, gets on Safari and shows me the above...
                                                                 ...nice logo BTW.

Monday, 5 September 2011


Just a quickie tonight to let you know what we've got coming up:

Friday 16th Sept.@ The Tote w/ CAPTAIN CLEANOFF and BLOODDUSTER- you probably wanna turn up early for this any case, dont bother eating dinner. I heard at the last show, Tony Bloodduster was throwing pieces of KFC at the crowd...Yum! Cleanoff consistently destroy- no more needs to be said- just come for them!

Saturday 22nd Oct.@Gasometer w/ CABIN FEVER, EPICS(Sydney), and THE OPTIONALS (Sydney)
This one's gonna be a cracker! I would describe EPICS as (good) Black Flag meets Fugazi. The OPTIONALS play skaterock ala Descendents/ALL. Definitly for fans of Poison City type shit. Cabin Fever play fast punk/hardcore as well as covers of Poison Idea and Negative Approach...I'm sold!!!

Totally off topic, but i'm stoked on this clip...Vincent Alvarez- not your typical Chocolate Skateboards type...dude is off the hook. Rather than the flip in/flip out slo-mo video aesthetic of today, this kid brings it raw. This actually makes me wanna skate rather than intimidate me into disbelief and inevitably, boredom...
Needless to say, how fucking good is McRAD?!!!   McSHRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Shit Faced-NIHILISTIK VIEW by paulos crudos

For anyone who hung out at the Arthouse for even an occasional amount of time in the nineties, the name NIHILSTIK VIEW would be somewhat familiar if not synonymous with the late, great haunt. A throwback to the rollicking, chaos punk ethos of bands such as EXPLOITED, CHAOS U.K. and BASTARD SQUAD (of which ex member, Johnny Bastard would fully back and nurture), NV and the influx of a younger, more suburban (for lack of a better word) crew/ clientele, fitted the defiantly D.I.Y. venue like a (studded) glove.

Formed in the outskirts of Melbourne in 95, Matty didn’t join the lads until their first demo dropped (self titled). One thing I and any regular at the Arty will attest to is their huge popularity. I can distinctly remember seeing them for the first time With Matties brother and some other crew.* Mohawks and cider punks a plenty!  Buzzsaw guitars, tight as fuck drums and Wattie-esque vocals aside, what really caught my attention was the general age of the crowd. I’m talking straight out of High School type shit. Nonetheless, we were blown away. And so was Johnny Bastard. So much so that he released the debut full lengnth by NV on his NOISE POLLUTION label.

ÚPHOLD THE RIGHT’ drops and the chaos punx go nuts for the shit. AFL grand final day was traditionally the day of the ARTHOUSE pub crawl that would entail leather jacketed punk kids roaming the CBD, defacing public property with paint, textas or spit,  and the occasional scuffle (who remembers the infamous ‘Riot at the Hyatt?)  This would culminate in a fucking rawkus show at the Arty to cap off the leisurely day. The particular year NV played was bananas. Moshing, slamming and spew. Obnoxious, vile vomit all over the the dancefloor. No one gave 2 shits. NV was blasting! Imagine if that shit went down these days at a fucking DEEZ NUTS show? They’d probably shut the shit down!

The band would soon drop their split cd with fellow melbournites, HEADSORE. Not long after they  call it a day. Despite this, the reverberation and influence, musically and stylistically would be felt for years.  Bands like CHARTER 77, and GGF would continue the reign of cider punkdom whilst BASTARD SQUAD would reform (with the released from corrective services and O.G. vox, Jason Bastard)

Drummer Matt would go on to join street punk cohorts H-BLOCK as well as later forming POISON CITY RECORDS darlings, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Matty would form THRILLKILLERS with ex RUPTURE bass man Zombo and then years later with myself, form the crap we peddle now.
*...and if memory serves me correctly, Matty was wearing face make-up ala KISS!!!

Monday, 25 July 2011


Must apologise for the lack of post's as of late. Had promised the Nihilistik View post next but compiling info and working out Soundcloud on top of being back at work have all left me with fuck all time to scratch my balls let alone support my beloved Doggies. Rest assured, the NV post is gonna be Boss!
Just had to drop this cuz it's our second show back plus i'm psyched we're on the bill cuz SUBVERSION was the shit back in the day...Also, our first show with our good friends from SUPERFUN HAPPYSLIDE. Grindcore genocide mayhem...Pretty sure this is ALL AGES so bring the ruckus cuz the kids tend to get fuckin hectic...Also don't forget this shit on the 6th August @ bendigo hotel, FITZROY...
...Dont front on this shit!!!
NV post coming soon.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Massive thanks to Aaron Coping for dropping this shit on us. I'm contemplating getting this inked or at the very least, doing a C.A. shirt with the graphic. In case you're not familiar, Aaron works at PCR and is responsible for the PCR- BAD BRAINS ape shirt...if you don't own one, your loss...
...This is our first show back. No doubt, Ace is gonna lose his shit. Big thanks also to DC who has supported us since day dot. Keep checking in for show details.
Also, free copies of the 'BURN FITZROY TO THE GROUND' demo will be available on the night. Just hit one of us up!- Next post will be on Matty's old band NIHILISTIK VIEW. Chaos punx and cider spews a-plenty!!!  

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Melbourne City, 1998. I'm living in an inner city 'punk house' (whatever the fuck that means) All inhabitants of said house are doing normal punk things (waiting in vegan restaurants, protesting against Jabiluka mine...remember that shit?) as well as playing in punk bands. This dwelling was also a meet up spot/ crash pad/ party house so you can imagine the kind of patronage we used to cater for. Lots of interstate and international bands stayed there. hangers-on were part and parcel.
It was in this enviro that OPEN WOUND was born. Cliche as it sounds, we just wanted to play breakneck blast shit with tech as fuck riffs. Original lineup for the first couple of jams was Jay(One inch Punch/ Providence), Fab(Fallout), Roby and Rusty( Drunkard/Stand Against). For whatever reason, Rusty couldn't do it so I was asked to join. We jammed and jammed and jammed some more (to the massive displeasure of our neighbours...all 4 of us were unemployed, so what the fuck else were we gonna do?)
Pretty soon we had a workable set. We did shows left, right and centre and with bands of every sub-genre of punk. Really, I thought that was one of our strengths, I mean could you see BLOODDUSTER sharing a bill with PISSCHRIST?
It really came together that quick. The fact that all of our time was spent writing/rehearsing resulted in us getting tight as fuck. Seriously, 3-4 months after forming, Sean (NO DEAL RECORDS) is asking us to come to Sydney to play the annual HARDCORE SUPERBOWL. No doubt!-All of our favorite bands are playing.This would be the first of 2 east coast tours and 1 tour of Adelaide which was to be a hellish weekend that eventually broke the band up. The most ironic thing about this whole saga was that we did all of this,plus released the split cd with ANTIGAMA (Poland), the split 7 with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF and the STRANGLEHOLD 7" in the space of under TWO YEARS!!!
Pretty amazing considering this was a good decade before Broadband, Myspace and Facebook!
                                                     HARDCORE SUPERBOWL 1999
Thats me playing bass with the CHARLES BRONSON shirt, looking like a 15 year old Thai hooker.
Anyhoo, after disbanding, Jay and Roby formed THE KILL (still hands down my fave grindcore band), Fab would be integral in forming grindporn ledgends VAGINAL CARNAGE (R.I.P. Metal Chris) and I rediscovered underground hiphop and skated non stop.

P.S. As much as an ordeal as I made this sound, it was actually some of the funniest times of my life.
P.P.S. We all eventually found jobs and are now complicit, worthy contributors to society :)

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Just a quick post tonight to let you know what shows we have booked for when we're back from our little break. First one's a biggie:

Pretty fuckin gnarly shows- all the bands on each bill are fuckin top notch- fuck knows how we got on...HA! All of these shows will be rawkus so pencil ém in your diary post haste than go skate!
This weekend, I'll be posting part 2 of the "what we were doing before C.A."stuff. -hope that shotgun boardslide keeps you amused till then...How good?!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


When Matty and I first discussed starting a band, the only name that came up to play bass would be Kev's. I'd only met him a couple of weeks prior at a mates party knowing he'd only been in Melbourne a short time. In my mind, as long as we clicked, he was in the band. I mean really,
If you're over 30, skateboarded in the mid to late eighties, or had any interest in punk etc, you would no doubt own this gem. I had the Warterfront pressing, the poster on my wall (ripped from Australia's first skate mag, SKATIN' LIFE) And the t-shirt. Duh!!! as if i wasn't gonna let him play in our band!
This album is still fucking killer today- Blistering crossover thrash. It's the same type of energy we try to bring to the table. Re-living our misspent youth, whilst spitting on the commodified rubbish being passed off as hardcore in 2011.
For those unfamiliar, check this:
This was from 1987 when they opened for D.R.I.
The fuck were you doing in 1987?

P.S.- Kev, as it turns out, happens to be an awesome bass player as well as one of the nicest people we've ever met. Pretty good considering he's from Sydney.
p.p.s- Thats him up there with the DEFECTS shirt, rocking a downpipe! HA!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


In this pic, Ace demonstrates the perfect flick required to catch a gnar Tre-flip...not one of those pussy, feet touch the board after the wheels touch the ground type shits...Really, Ace knows 360 flips.
For the uniniated, I'll be posting some of our previous musical endevours this weekend... expect some crucial 80's crossover, some late 90's grindcore violence and quiet possibly some pissdrunk, smash ya cider against the wall type shit...
In the meantime, check: tracks offa our demo are up!

Monday, 27 June 2011


We started this shit about a year ago. Really, we just wanted to play tunes all loud and fast and stuff... honestly had no aspirations of taking it too seriously. To date, we've played shows with such bands as KROMOSOM, MID YOUTH CRISIS, OIL BARRONS and PROPAGANDHI amongst others.
Oh yeah, we've all been involved w/ Australian hardcore/Punk for the best part of 15 years (or in Kevs case, 25!) so really, we're not jumping on any fucking trend... Really doing it for the love (and free beers that the occasional show affords)
Over the next couple of posts, i will try and bring a bit history behind us shitheads. Through youtube, photos and soundcloud, i'll post some of our previous bands stuff as well as pics and vids of our shows.
Our demo, BURN FITZROY TO THE GROUND is available at POISON CITY RECORDS as well as thru us at shows.Alternatively, you can email me at the above addy and i'll post you one for free.