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Thursday, 1 December 2011


Righty-O! Quick update tonight cuz the new 'Epicly Latered' is up on VBS.TV and im itching to catch it- MNC TECH episode!!!
We had a sick early arvo show last weekend at the Gaso with DARKHORSE from Sydney. Really ripping black crust, D-beat or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. Straight up good lads too!
This weekend's a biggie for us cuz we've got this shit poppin'
... cuz i'm fucking lazy, I'm just gonna cut and paste the official press release:
Captain Cleanoff need no introduction in the underground grind scene of the,brutal and rockin! Come to the bendigo hotel on Sat 3rd Dec to witness em for the last time in a while as they work on a new album. Joining em are Internal rot, hight speed thrashing 90's Cali style grind, members of Agents of Abhorrence and Roskopp, Super Fun Happy slide. Counter Attack, fast 80's style shred hardcore and new guys Headless death playing thrashy ol school death metal stink, with members of Roskopp, pathetic Human, Rort and more. Everyone's friends!

Come January, we're doing a mini tour of Sydney...our first as a band. I'm super excited about playing a show with The Hard-Ons. Dudes have been heroes ever since i got into this shit. Also we will have shirts real soon so hang tight. Design comes courtesy of Gustav from Sweden who has dropped some gnarly shit for bands like HAIL OF BULLETS and GODHUNTER. Check his site HERE: Dude has serious skills. Big shouts also to my homie Noe from L.A. who sent us a bunch of cool shit courtesy of the label he does, THRASHTASTIC. Check whats crackin at: As always, support True D.I.Y.!!!
See ya Saturday!!!!


  1. I am interested in buying some of your art on myspace. Can you give me a call at 720-422-4694

    Thanks, Brian

    1. I just saw Brians comment.. I have no idea if it was meant for me or some other bloke..