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Monday, 31 October 2011


I have to give it up for EPICS. Dudes were definitely on point last weekend. Playing on little sleep and half tanked plus putting up with with Dave DECLARATION's shit...sheeeez!
Powerful, discordant punk rock/hardcore in the truest sense of the word. Everyone who witnessed the show was blown away. I saw some dudes w/ cameras in attendance so if ya got some footy, hit me up!
Also copped a 12"ep plus the cd which hasn't left my car stereo- shit is of the hook!!! check them here
Psyched on this shit for a few reasons...
...First of all, OLD SKIN. Played with these dudes a couple of weeks back. Dudes are bat-shit, psycho power violence. Not the generic type trying to ape INFEST. Think ICE-NINE meets INSECT WARFARE and H100s. Fucking nice kids too-psyched as shit on these dudes.
You need to fucking check INFAMOUS BUTCHER. Fastcore in the vain of early RUPTURE and VOORHEES. On the mic is our old friend, The Geelong redneck, Neil. You would know him from 90's grind legends, UNDINISM and more recently, THE KILL. This is our first show with those dudes-cant fucking wait!
Also, rounding off the night will be LA HAINE who play a thrash/grindcore hybrid and features scene stalwart, Dave Poodle.
Like I said, its gonna be a cracker! Dont front on this shit...

                                                              INFAMOUS BUTCHER

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