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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


In this pic, Ace demonstrates the perfect flick required to catch a gnar Tre-flip...not one of those pussy, feet touch the board after the wheels touch the ground type shits...Really, Ace knows 360 flips.
For the uniniated, I'll be posting some of our previous musical endevours this weekend... expect some crucial 80's crossover, some late 90's grindcore violence and quiet possibly some pissdrunk, smash ya cider against the wall type shit...
In the meantime, check: tracks offa our demo are up!

Monday, 27 June 2011


We started this shit about a year ago. Really, we just wanted to play tunes all loud and fast and stuff... honestly had no aspirations of taking it too seriously. To date, we've played shows with such bands as KROMOSOM, MID YOUTH CRISIS, OIL BARRONS and PROPAGANDHI amongst others.
Oh yeah, we've all been involved w/ Australian hardcore/Punk for the best part of 15 years (or in Kevs case, 25!) so really, we're not jumping on any fucking trend... Really doing it for the love (and free beers that the occasional show affords)
Over the next couple of posts, i will try and bring a bit history behind us shitheads. Through youtube, photos and soundcloud, i'll post some of our previous bands stuff as well as pics and vids of our shows.
Our demo, BURN FITZROY TO THE GROUND is available at POISON CITY RECORDS as well as thru us at shows.Alternatively, you can email me at the above addy and i'll post you one for free.