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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Sorry about the cheesy header... it's very 25 ta Life. Cant help but sing the praises after last weeks show w/ MANIAXE, DEBACLE, THE KILL and us. Every band, besides being gnarly in their own right, is uniquely different. Thrash kids, crust punks, skate rats and metal heads were all present and killing shit. Seriously fucking ruckus show- Cheers to all who came up. No fuckheads= No worries. Kill a mosh!!!
This is our next one w/ Sydney Punks, EPICS
  Sick art on this one from Jimmy from EPICS. Joining us are CLOWNS who are saving for their asia tour and also OLD SKIN. Serious fans of BLACK FLAG and FUGAZI need to take note...EPICS has it down pat!!! 
In other news, we have a gang of shows to finish off this splendid year- These will be posted in the next few weeks. Also, were touring in Jan. w/ some VERY special guest'
Stay tuned for news!!!  See ya Saturday!

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