Thursday, 19 April 2012


Ripping show a few weeks back with our new friends HAILGUN, BLOODY HAMMER and DEPRESSION! I'd never seen them when I was younger and never caught any of the reunion shows so to actually play with them was sick. So good live. Awesome crew rocked up to the Bendigo and from the get go, there was mad participation. Thanks to all who made it out.
So Easter just passed and besides a gangload of chocolate and being victim to a barrage of over zealous pontificating, We made our way to G-Town aka Geelong for the first time to throw it down with a gang of rad bands which included our mates OLD SKIN, NOW YOU'RE FUCKED, DIPLOID, and my new favorite band HAILGUN. If you like your hardcore fast, ripping and to the point (no blastbeat nonsense)* Hailgun are your boys. Check them HERE
We just got done recording the follow up to our 'BURN FITZROY TO THE GROUND' demo. The deed was done with Jason PC of BLOODDUSTER fame. We're sitting on it for a few more weeks before doing the final mix/master but these tracks will eventually end up on the split 12" with our Sydney pals, EPICS. Stay tuned...
Lastly, just a plug for a couple of shows we've got cracking next week. First up, is this...
Cant fuck with this line-up. I also hear this new spot in Sunbury is going bannanas. Cant wait to fuck shit up with the grindcore antics of MICHAEL CRAFTER again. Awesome lads.
And last but not least, the day after we're at the Bendigo...
This will be a corker of a gig and if you're an ex-pat Kiwi, you'll no doubt be in good company.
SHITRIPPER play straight foeward HC ala Minor Threat, Circle Jerks etc. Cant wait!!!
Till next time.............

*I love CONTEXT!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Fuck me it's been a long time between posts. From what i can tell it's been about 10 weeks since the last.
Anyhoo, there's been arseloads going down with CA! I'll try and compile this in a chronological order so no one gets confused...least of all me.

First up, we finally have shirts! We are stoked as shit with this design
The Heathen from Sweden, Gustav came correct and destroyed shit proper on this shit. He's worked with hardhitters like HAIL OF BULLETS, ENTOMBED and more recently THE KILL. Check his site and folio Unfortunately these are only available at our shows for the time being but if you send me a lovely email, I may be able to sort you out.
Sold a bunch of these at our Sydney shows recently which fucking ruled. The first show was at BLACKWIRE. A gnarly crowd turned out to see a sick fucking bill. I'll try and break it down without boring you into snoresville.
OBAT BUTAK: Crazy fast fucking old school punk. MICHAEL CRAFTER: One of my faves of the weekend. Grindcore/PV ala ANAL CUNT meets some comedy duo. Fucking out of hand!
DARKHORSE: Dark crust/Hardcore. These cunts played a ripping they're homies.
CHINESE BURNS UNIT: sick old style pop punk...was really suprised i dug this band.
Pretty fucking diverse set. Sydney's good like that though. Cunts will turn out no matter if it's 'thrash night' 'grindcore night' or whatever. Hard to see a set like that going down well in Hipster Melbs.

The next night was fucking hectic too. Thinking the crowd was gonna be thin due to TOXIC HOLOCAUST having a show around the corner, we were greeted to a near full house. Fuck yeah Sydney! Here's the breakdown: SPOONFED opened proceedings with a tight set of 90's inspired hardcore ala ACME and LEFT FOR DEAD. Next we had the trouble makers that are EPICS grace us. Dudes play fucking rawkus punk/hardcore ala BLA'ST and BLACK FLAG. Fucking rad dudes/drinking partners. Next, we thrashed out a batshit set and ended it with SUICIDALS 'Suicides an alternative' for good measure...Mission accomplished! lets get pissed and watch the HARD-ONS!!!
With Murray(CAPTAIN CLEANOFF) on the drums, Blacky and Ray ripped through a fucking killer set witch consisted of approx: 30% Thrashy songs, 30% poppy songs (my favorite) and 40% new songs. crowd went nuts for these stalwarts and rightly so. Every time I looked around at the crowd, all I could see were smiling faces. A big bunch of crew reconvened at another pub around the corner  to get rightly fucking sloshed. We made a stack of new friends and reconnected with a gang of others. Joel Grind even turned up for a shot and then fucked off... Thank you Sydney. We had a fucking ball!

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Righty-O! Quick update tonight cuz the new 'Epicly Latered' is up on VBS.TV and im itching to catch it- MNC TECH episode!!!
We had a sick early arvo show last weekend at the Gaso with DARKHORSE from Sydney. Really ripping black crust, D-beat or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. Straight up good lads too!
This weekend's a biggie for us cuz we've got this shit poppin'
... cuz i'm fucking lazy, I'm just gonna cut and paste the official press release:
Captain Cleanoff need no introduction in the underground grind scene of the,brutal and rockin! Come to the bendigo hotel on Sat 3rd Dec to witness em for the last time in a while as they work on a new album. Joining em are Internal rot, hight speed thrashing 90's Cali style grind, members of Agents of Abhorrence and Roskopp, Super Fun Happy slide. Counter Attack, fast 80's style shred hardcore and new guys Headless death playing thrashy ol school death metal stink, with members of Roskopp, pathetic Human, Rort and more. Everyone's friends!

Come January, we're doing a mini tour of Sydney...our first as a band. I'm super excited about playing a show with The Hard-Ons. Dudes have been heroes ever since i got into this shit. Also we will have shirts real soon so hang tight. Design comes courtesy of Gustav from Sweden who has dropped some gnarly shit for bands like HAIL OF BULLETS and GODHUNTER. Check his site HERE: Dude has serious skills. Big shouts also to my homie Noe from L.A. who sent us a bunch of cool shit courtesy of the label he does, THRASHTASTIC. Check whats crackin at: As always, support True D.I.Y.!!!
See ya Saturday!!!!

Monday, 31 October 2011


I have to give it up for EPICS. Dudes were definitely on point last weekend. Playing on little sleep and half tanked plus putting up with with Dave DECLARATION's shit...sheeeez!
Powerful, discordant punk rock/hardcore in the truest sense of the word. Everyone who witnessed the show was blown away. I saw some dudes w/ cameras in attendance so if ya got some footy, hit me up!
Also copped a 12"ep plus the cd which hasn't left my car stereo- shit is of the hook!!! check them here
Psyched on this shit for a few reasons...
...First of all, OLD SKIN. Played with these dudes a couple of weeks back. Dudes are bat-shit, psycho power violence. Not the generic type trying to ape INFEST. Think ICE-NINE meets INSECT WARFARE and H100s. Fucking nice kids too-psyched as shit on these dudes.
You need to fucking check INFAMOUS BUTCHER. Fastcore in the vain of early RUPTURE and VOORHEES. On the mic is our old friend, The Geelong redneck, Neil. You would know him from 90's grind legends, UNDINISM and more recently, THE KILL. This is our first show with those dudes-cant fucking wait!
Also, rounding off the night will be LA HAINE who play a thrash/grindcore hybrid and features scene stalwart, Dave Poodle.
Like I said, its gonna be a cracker! Dont front on this shit...

                                                              INFAMOUS BUTCHER

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Sorry about the cheesy header... it's very 25 ta Life. Cant help but sing the praises after last weeks show w/ MANIAXE, DEBACLE, THE KILL and us. Every band, besides being gnarly in their own right, is uniquely different. Thrash kids, crust punks, skate rats and metal heads were all present and killing shit. Seriously fucking ruckus show- Cheers to all who came up. No fuckheads= No worries. Kill a mosh!!!
This is our next one w/ Sydney Punks, EPICS
  Sick art on this one from Jimmy from EPICS. Joining us are CLOWNS who are saving for their asia tour and also OLD SKIN. Serious fans of BLACK FLAG and FUGAZI need to take note...EPICS has it down pat!!! 
In other news, we have a gang of shows to finish off this splendid year- These will be posted in the next few weeks. Also, were touring in Jan. w/ some VERY special guest'
Stay tuned for news!!!  See ya Saturday!

Monday, 26 September 2011


Our next show is a burner...
...our violent, grindcore cohorts THE KILL bring their mayhemic destruction to the Bendigo. Those in the know are aware that 2 of the 3 guys from THE KILL played in my old band OPEN WOUND...joining us on the night will be D-beat thrashers, DEBACLE who are also old friends from waaaay back. Dudes have got a split w/ FILTHPACT (Scotland) dropping soon on BEERACHE RECS. Opening the proceedings will be the lads from MANIAXE!!! fucking so psyched about them. We've been trying to hook shit up with those dudes for a minute so it's gonna be gnar!!!
Tell your crew! Tell your fucking nanna!!! If she's still in doubt, tell her to check this:

Sunday, 11 September 2011


So, I ran into an old friend yesterday. Amongst the idle chatter and shit talk, he informs me that we are playing the 'mini' version of BASTARDFEST. I inform him that he's a deluded fuck head and that by no stretch of the imagination would i have said yes to playing a 'mini' anything.
                          ...He pulls out his iphone, gets on Safari and shows me the above...
                                                                 ...nice logo BTW.