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Monday, 26 September 2011


Our next show is a burner...
...our violent, grindcore cohorts THE KILL bring their mayhemic destruction to the Bendigo. Those in the know are aware that 2 of the 3 guys from THE KILL played in my old band OPEN WOUND...joining us on the night will be D-beat thrashers, DEBACLE who are also old friends from waaaay back. Dudes have got a split w/ FILTHPACT (Scotland) dropping soon on BEERACHE RECS. Opening the proceedings will be the lads from MANIAXE!!! fucking so psyched about them. We've been trying to hook shit up with those dudes for a minute so it's gonna be gnar!!!
Tell your crew! Tell your fucking nanna!!! If she's still in doubt, tell her to check this:

Sunday, 11 September 2011


So, I ran into an old friend yesterday. Amongst the idle chatter and shit talk, he informs me that we are playing the 'mini' version of BASTARDFEST. I inform him that he's a deluded fuck head and that by no stretch of the imagination would i have said yes to playing a 'mini' anything.
                          ...He pulls out his iphone, gets on Safari and shows me the above...
                                                                 ...nice logo BTW.

Monday, 5 September 2011


Just a quickie tonight to let you know what we've got coming up:

Friday 16th Sept.@ The Tote w/ CAPTAIN CLEANOFF and BLOODDUSTER- you probably wanna turn up early for this any case, dont bother eating dinner. I heard at the last show, Tony Bloodduster was throwing pieces of KFC at the crowd...Yum! Cleanoff consistently destroy- no more needs to be said- just come for them!

Saturday 22nd Oct.@Gasometer w/ CABIN FEVER, EPICS(Sydney), and THE OPTIONALS (Sydney)
This one's gonna be a cracker! I would describe EPICS as (good) Black Flag meets Fugazi. The OPTIONALS play skaterock ala Descendents/ALL. Definitly for fans of Poison City type shit. Cabin Fever play fast punk/hardcore as well as covers of Poison Idea and Negative Approach...I'm sold!!!

Totally off topic, but i'm stoked on this clip...Vincent Alvarez- not your typical Chocolate Skateboards type...dude is off the hook. Rather than the flip in/flip out slo-mo video aesthetic of today, this kid brings it raw. This actually makes me wanna skate rather than intimidate me into disbelief and inevitably, boredom...
Needless to say, how fucking good is McRAD?!!!   McSHRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!