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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Fuck me it's been a long time between posts. From what i can tell it's been about 10 weeks since the last.
Anyhoo, there's been arseloads going down with CA! I'll try and compile this in a chronological order so no one gets confused...least of all me.

First up, we finally have shirts! We are stoked as shit with this design
The Heathen from Sweden, Gustav came correct and destroyed shit proper on this shit. He's worked with hardhitters like HAIL OF BULLETS, ENTOMBED and more recently THE KILL. Check his site and folio Unfortunately these are only available at our shows for the time being but if you send me a lovely email, I may be able to sort you out.
Sold a bunch of these at our Sydney shows recently which fucking ruled. The first show was at BLACKWIRE. A gnarly crowd turned out to see a sick fucking bill. I'll try and break it down without boring you into snoresville.
OBAT BUTAK: Crazy fast fucking old school punk. MICHAEL CRAFTER: One of my faves of the weekend. Grindcore/PV ala ANAL CUNT meets some comedy duo. Fucking out of hand!
DARKHORSE: Dark crust/Hardcore. These cunts played a ripping they're homies.
CHINESE BURNS UNIT: sick old style pop punk...was really suprised i dug this band.
Pretty fucking diverse set. Sydney's good like that though. Cunts will turn out no matter if it's 'thrash night' 'grindcore night' or whatever. Hard to see a set like that going down well in Hipster Melbs.

The next night was fucking hectic too. Thinking the crowd was gonna be thin due to TOXIC HOLOCAUST having a show around the corner, we were greeted to a near full house. Fuck yeah Sydney! Here's the breakdown: SPOONFED opened proceedings with a tight set of 90's inspired hardcore ala ACME and LEFT FOR DEAD. Next we had the trouble makers that are EPICS grace us. Dudes play fucking rawkus punk/hardcore ala BLA'ST and BLACK FLAG. Fucking rad dudes/drinking partners. Next, we thrashed out a batshit set and ended it with SUICIDALS 'Suicides an alternative' for good measure...Mission accomplished! lets get pissed and watch the HARD-ONS!!!
With Murray(CAPTAIN CLEANOFF) on the drums, Blacky and Ray ripped through a fucking killer set witch consisted of approx: 30% Thrashy songs, 30% poppy songs (my favorite) and 40% new songs. crowd went nuts for these stalwarts and rightly so. Every time I looked around at the crowd, all I could see were smiling faces. A big bunch of crew reconvened at another pub around the corner  to get rightly fucking sloshed. We made a stack of new friends and reconnected with a gang of others. Joel Grind even turned up for a shot and then fucked off... Thank you Sydney. We had a fucking ball!